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Residential Roofing Services:

Mitchell Roofing’s team of professional roofing specialists have assisted homeowners throughout Texas with thousands of roofing projects over the past 20 years. With today’s advances in roofing technology and materials, it is now possible to choose state of the art solutions that lower your energy bills, are durable in extreme conditions, and carry up to a lifetime warranty. Ask your Mitchell Roofing representative about our lifetime warranties on material and labor. A new, beautiful roof not only makes your home energy efficient, but also increases the value of your biggest investment….your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing:

If you need a permanent replacement for your leaky roof, want to lower your energy and maintenance costs, or are simply looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home, residential metal roofing options are the perfect solution. With benefits ranging from low maintenance to energy efficiency, metal is the foremost roofing material in the industry.

Residential metal roofing is recognized for its durability and resistance to harsh weather, providing increased protection for your home against wind, hail, and fire. Metal roofing adds curb appeal to the aesthetic of your home.

Tile Roofing:

If you want superior aesthetics for your home, choose clay or concrete roof tile. The numerous styles, hundreds of colors, and variety of finishes available with roof tile allow you to create a roof to suit virtually any architectural style or one that is entirely unique.

Clay roof tile has been used for centuries worldwide. Both clay roof tile and its modern partner, concrete, are beautiful and extremely durable. Tile roofs can last 50 to 100 years or more. They do not rot in wet climates and are not susceptible to destruction by pests. They can be used in any climate or region and can withstand the most severe weather conditions, including fire and wind. Most roof tile manufacturers offer warranties of at least 50 years.

Roof tiles are energy efficient: because of the superior thermal capacity of roof tiles and the ventilated air space that their placement on the roof surface creates, a tile roof can lower air conditioning costs in hotter climates and produce more constant temperatures in colder weather.

TPO Roofing

Composite Asphalt Shingles:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles come in two forms: organic and fiberglass (also known as glass fiber). Organic asphalt shingles have a paper mat or backing with a layer of asphalt added on top. Fiberglass asphalt shingles contain a mat made of fiberglass with a layer of asphalt added on top.Composition shingles are made from materials such as asphalt or asbestos, tar paper, slate, shake, laminate and wood. The combination of these ingredients improves the shingle's strength.

Asphalt shingles can carry warranties ranging from five to 20 years, depending on the shingle's strength rating. Composite shingles, however, are usually warranted for 30 to 50 years. Mitchell Roofing specializes in the installation of Owens Corning Duration ™ shingles, which carry a lifetime warranty, and warranties its own lifetime labor warranty.

Asphalt shingles may be made with granules containing leachable copper. This helps to resist algae growth. Composite shingles have algae and moss inhibitors and can also be coated to protect against ultraviolet light. This reduces weathering from the sun that can cause the fading and cracking. Composition shingles are also available in almost any color and size. They can include faux finishes such as slate and shake. Composite shingles are the least expensive option, compared to metal, tile and slate roofs.