There are an extensive range of materials that you can choose to use for your home’s new roof. Many homes throughout the country use asphalt shingles, and there are several varieties of these to choose from, such as fiberglass asphalt and organic asphalt shingles. There are also tile roofs, wood shake roofs, metal roofs and more. Each have their unique variations as well, and many are available in an extensive range of colors, sizes and styles. With this in mind, you may wonder which type of material is best for your home. When selecting a roof, there are a number of questions to ask.



What is the Longevity of the Roof?


Cost is inevitably a concern when selecting a new roofing material, but it is not the only concern. Longevity and durability may also be concerns. Asphalt shingles are one of the more popular types of roofing materials in part because they are affordable, but they also have a shorter lifespan than other materials. For example, asphalt shingles may last for 20 to 30 years, but a metal roof may last for 50 years or longer if well-maintained.


Does the Material Have Special Features?


Some roofing materials may have more advanced features that can be advantageous for your area. For example, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, choosing a material with high wind resistance may be preferable. Tiles often hold up well in a hurricane. If you live in an area that is subject to a lot of wildfires, a metal roof may be more ideal because it has fireproof characteristics.



Does the Existing Frame Need to Be Reinforced?


Another factor to think about is the weight of the roof. If you are replacing a lighter material, such as asphalt shingles, with a heavier material, such as a slate roof, the roof’s frame may need to be reinforced to structurally withstand the weight of the material.



Will It Look Good?


Your roof provides functional and structural benefits to your home, but it also impacts curb appeal. Each style of home looks best with certain types of roofing materials. For example, a Spanish-style home made of stucco may look best with a tile roof. Consider choosing a material that complements that existing style of the space unless you plan a major exterior renovation in the near future.



The roof that you install will be in place for decades, providing you with everything from curb appeal to protection from the elements. With how important it is for your home, you understandably want to make a wise decision about the material you select. Ask yourself these important questions before making a buying decision.